Swati Chopra is a New Delhi-based writer and poet. She is author of Dharamsala Diaries (Penguin India, 2007), and Buddhism: On the Path to Nirvana (Brijbasi Art Press, 2005) a contemporary guide to Buddhism. She has worked as editor of a quarterly journal, Life Positive Plus, as contributing editor of Life Positive magazine, and as spirituality correspondent of The Times of India.

Through her writing and editorial work, Swati seeks to explore ancient wisdom in a modern context. Her writing has appeared in journals in India and abroad, including Resurgence, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Arabesques, The Hindustan Times, Daily News and Analysis, among others. Her essay on the Dalai Lama’s dialogue with modern science appeared in the anthology, Understanding the Dalai Lama (Penguin India, 2004).

Swati is currently working on her next book that documents contemporary women’s spirituality.      


                                        Swati Chopra